What is the “Console screen”?

The “Console screen” is the main display on the right of the screen that shows the devices that are being viewed. This is normally in a Table view with a […]

What is the “Device explorer”?

The device explorer is a tree like display on the left of the screen similar to the folder explorer available in Windows when you click the “Folder” button. This can […]

What are Groups?

These are simply user definable collections of devices, usually for some logical purpose. The group name reference is stored within the CAM device object so any user logged in to […]

What are Racks?

These are similar to Groups, except that they are used to generate displays that resemble the physical racks the devices are in. Hence a device can only be in 1 […]

What are Chains?

These are also similar to groups, but they are used to create a reference group to a point to point communication link. There is both an Outbound and Inbound group […]