What is CAM?

CAM is an M&C (Monitoring and Control) solution to enable centralised control and monitoring of a variety of interoperating devices from different manufacturers at different locations.

What does CAM consist of?

CAM consists of server side software that is constantly monitoring all of the devices and client side sortware that is run as required to inspect the status and perform any […]

What is CAM Daemon?

CAM Daemon is the name of the server side software. It is usually running continuously on a computer that is able to connect to all the devices to be monitored. […]

What do I need to run CAM Daemon on?

CAM Daemon is designed to require very low computing resources and so as well as being able to be run on normal server format machines, it can be run on […]

What is CAM GFX?

CAM GFX is the client side graphical user interface software used to visually monitor the status of the devices and control any settings on them. It can run on any […]

What do I need to run CAM GFX on?

Any desktop or laptop computer can run CAM GFX. It is compatible with Windows and Linux and we can slso supply OSX and Android versions if required. There is no […]

What is a CAM Site?

A CAM Site is an individual instance of a CAM Daemon and there is usually one per location that CAM is deployed in. If there are multiple seperate CAM networks […]

What is a CAM Network?

A CAM Network is a collection of interconnected CAM Sites. Usually in the context of centralised management for physically dispersed equipment at a variety of locations each of which is […]

How do I setup my CAM Site configuration?

On the computer running CAM Daemon for the CAM Site in question, there is a folder called “CAM-Site” for the user that the CAM Daemon sofware runs under. Within this […]

How do I start CAM Daemon?

CAM Daemon usually runs on a specific server computer that has been configured to run automatically on power up. In instances where it’s only run manually as required, then there […]