Fixed satellite systems

paneBG It is in the very nature of satellite communication installations that they are distributed around the world, often in harsh or difficult to access locations where specialised technical expertise is difficult and expensive to source. The challenge of monitoring and managing these installations is addressed by Alphawave Satellite CAM.

Alphawave Satellite CAM allows the user to control a huge range of devices both locally and in remote or even unmanned locations. These include satellite earth stations, VSAT and broadcasting uplinks. CAM allows global network configuration, enabling commands to be simultaneously sent to all devices in the network or site.

CAM connects to satellite and communications devices via RS485 bus, RS232, Ethernet or Relay connection. Within a network, “CAM sites” communicate on a peer-to-peer basis (allowing additional sites and devices to be added, modified or removed without disruption to the network) using satellite communications, serial links, dial-up modem or Ethernet networking.