Our flagship product Alphawave CAM is a versatile and extensible control and monitoring system. It is used to control equipment related to the Audiovisual (cinema installations, projector control) and Satellite industries (telecoms, broadcast and news gathering – SNG & DSNG) and it is in use at hundreds of sites around the world by industry and government alike.

Alphawave Cinema CAM – Alphawave Cinema CAM is our solution to the challenges of remote equipment maintenance and management facing the digital cinema industry. It leverages ethernet and serial communications to enable control of digital projectors, audio processors, lighting controllers and even power supplies from anywhere on the same network or potentially beyond.

Alphawave Satellite CAM – Alphawave Satellite CAM is a versatile and extensible control and monitoring system which can completely control any piece of equipment which provides status and accepts configuration, all from a user-friendly windowed environment. It is installed at hundreds of locations around the world.