Alphawave Cinema CAM

6009409002_b36c99160c_o-1600 Alphawave Cinema CAM is our solution to the challenges facing the digital cinema industry. It is built on the same solid and tested platform as Alphawave Satellite CAM, a leading product in the satellite communications control market with installations at hundreds of location over more than 15 years.

Alphawave Cinema CAM leverages ethernet and serial communications to enable control of digital projectors, audio processors, lighting controllers and even power supplies from anywhere on the same network or potentially beyond.

It can provide environmental monitoring and control for the installation rooms, including control of APC power supplies and mains switches and environmental monitoring hardware from Gill and Peet Brothers.

NEC NC3240S-A projector Currently, the NEC series of Digital Cinema Projectors are supported. These range from projectors ideal delivering 2K resolution on a 32ft screen all the way up to the 33000 lumen NC3240S-A which can project at 4K resolution on a screen up to 105ft across. There is also support for the DDE and Dolby audio processors and Crown power amplifiers. New devices are being added regularly.

Monitoring and status

CAM provides day-to-day monitoring and control of the equipment within the installation. Full alarm logging and reporting is included with a single screen showing the health of any piece of equipment, any site or the network as a whole. Alarms can be categorized into Information, Notice, Warning, Faults and Critical faults. They can be acknowledged to indicate operation attention and may also become latched when the alarm condition clears. Trigger levels are user-configurable on a per-alarm basis. Any alarm can generate a user configurable audible notification, visual alert, SNMP trap, SMS message or email.

Equipment status can be written to a file once a day with changes to the status of the equipment (such as faults and power level fluctuations) logged as they happen. Adjustments to configuration, either by CAM or from the equipment itself are also logged. These statistics can be loaded into a spreadsheet for analysis or turned into availability graphs and Quality of Service information.

Access control

Full-control or read-only access can be granted on a user by user basis. This allows a chief engineer full control of the network, but can restrict local staff to a simple ‘view only’. CAM can operate as an SNMP gateway and provide full SNMP control and monitoring of non-SNMP-aware devices. MIBs are available for all our supported devices thus providing a simple way of integrating this equipment into an SNMP-based management system (e.g. HP OpenView).